Online Presentation skills


More and more companies now days are moving their knowledge transfer and marketing activities into on-line webinars:

  • Webinars are cost-effective. Venue, hosting and T&E is eliminated or significantly reduced.
  • Webinars are location-independent. Participants can log on from just about anywhere.
  • For international companies they’re time-zone-independent (though measures should be taken to account for time differences).
  • Flexibility: An impromptu face to face/faces meeting takes time to come together, since you have to take participants’ locations schedules into account. With a webinar, parties can schedule meetings or training sessions on significantly shorter scheduling cycles.
  • Increased productivity: When your employees don’t need to travel, they have more time to be productive.

Thousands of companies conduct online presentations or webinar sessions for customers, employees and management.
Presenting online requires a much different approach and skill set than frontal presentations or face to face meetings. Speaking to an “invisible crowd” presents new challenges that must be addressed in order to successfully capture the audience’s attention. The risk of holding an improper webinar may also reflect on the presenter’s professionalism, increase customer churn and simply waste valuable resources.

“Present Perfect”™ was founded with these challenges in mind, and we now are happy to offer our “Webinar Marketing Skills” seminar for teaching these skills, and for enhancing and optimizing existing skills.

Upon completing this seminar, you will be proficient at:

  • Preparing yourself for your webinar
  • Webinar session planning
  • Interacting with an audience hidden behind screens and monitors.
  • Designing effective webinar presentation slides
  • Enhancing your verbal communication
  • Maximize the impact of reduced non-verbal communication in a webinar

Ariel Zang, founder and chief trainer of “Present Perfect” has over 20 years of experience in marketing and training management.

All courses and services can be delivered in English, Spanish and Hebrew.