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Thousands of companies hold online webinar sessions for customers, employees and management.

The greatest challenge is holding an online webinar, is that it requires a different approach than an upfront presentation or face to face meeting, and its own set of skills and tools for interacting with an “invisible” crowd. The risk of holding an improper webinar may be reflected in things like employee professionalism, customer churn and wasted resources.

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Train the Trainer

Can your internal instructors improve their skills? 

Who is our target audience? How do we plan the agenda? Does the agenda suits our time constrains? How do we make the course interesting and on the same way effective? How do we check the course effectiveness?



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When presenting in front of a crowd, regardless of its size, it’s critical that we deliver clear, succinct memorable messages when conveying our thoughts and ideas.

All this while consciously orchestrating our body language and carefully sensing feedback from the crowd. These highly complex skills may cause many to feel insecure and anxious when required to an upfront presentation. Others have acquired some basic traits through experience, but would like to formalize and optimize their intuition.


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